Adjust Retractable Dog Leash with Locking System and ABS Plastic

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Item Description:

·    MaterialABS

·    Size12*8cm/15*10cm

·    Stretch length3M/5M

·    Tension15kg

·    ColorBlue/Pink/Black

·    Item TypeDog Leash

·    Quantity1 pc

·    Weight245g (3M for 11.25kg Pet / 5M for 15kg Pet)

·    BrandComzendle



·    Make your dog to be safe and have the freedom to roam.

·    Retractable lock system.


 How To Use:

·    When the leash is at the desired length, push the small top black button in with your thumb. This will cause the leash to lock. To release, press the large black button down.

·    To temporarily hold your pet at a certain length, hold down the large black button with your thumb. once released the leash will then begin to retract.


Package Included:

·    1 x Dog Leash


·    The leash or hook can also cause serious cuts, abrasions, burns, and amputations to anyone.

·    This includes children infants. & pets who come in contact with the leash or hook Never wrap the leash around any body parts.

·    Don not use this retractable leash if on medication that makes you sleepy or groggy or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

·    Do not attempt to open the housing or to repair this retractable leash Retrain from using the leash if it becomes frayed, damaged or is not working properly.

·    Don not hold the leash by the cord.